Free Rides, Free Chocolate, and You

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On February 13th (Valentine’s-Day-Eve) Bard’s Office of Sustainability will be giving out sweet & sustainable treats. From 1:30 to 8:00pm in the Campus Center, (or while supplies last) our Eco Reps will be giving anyone who signs up for Bard Rideshare and/or takes our sustainability pledge a free origami candygram with some luscious chocolate inside.

About Bard Rideshare

Ever felt limited by the Shuttle? You aren’t the only one. While the Campus Shuttle is a great resource for getting around, there are other free transportation resources on Bard’s campus. One of those resources is Bard Rideshare, a service through which drivers and riders alike get great perks. All Bard Rideshare participants are students, faculty, and staff of Bard, but those looking to participate in the wider Rideshare network can do so.

How it works is you create a Rideshare account, which allows you to search for people going to the same destination as you. You can even set up recurring carpooling for places you go to a lot. For example, if you work in Tivoli you can find someone who regularly goes to Tivoli at the same time as you. You could find someone who lives in your city to ride home with at the end of the semester. Rideshare is also great for one-time trips. Need a ride to the Kingston Target or the bookstore in Rhinebeck? Search it up!

So if you already have a car, why sign up for Rideshare? Besides being good for the planet and creating the opportunity to meet new people, Rideshare participants get to park in special Rideshare-designated spots in Olin Lot and Main Lot when they are giving rides to other Rideshare members. More on that policy can be found on the Bard Rideshare page.


About the Pledge

February marks the beginning of Recyclemania, the time of year when college campuses across the country look to reduce their waste and recycle more. Bard will be hosting all kinds of events under the umbrella of Recyclemania, which you can learn about at our information table in the Campus Center on Wednesdays. To kick things off, we’re asking Bard students to think a little more about the products they use and the things they throw away by signing our Recyclemania pledge.


About the Chocolate

Come and find out…


By Ella McGrail

Class of 2021

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