How YOU Can Be a Bard EcoRep

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You may have heard the word, seen it written around campus, or signed up to be it, but even if you fall into the last category, you may still not know what a Bard EcoRep is. Simply speaking, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a Bard student who works to promote an eco-friendly atmosphere on campus. But largely, what an EdoRep is is defined by the Bard student who decides to be one. Whatever sustainability activities you are interested in taking part in, big or small, the Bard Office of Sustainability is here to make sure you have the resources to be an EcoRep your way.

The Bard Office of Sustainability (BOS)  hires a few Ecoreps every year to organize bike and hike trips, host classes, movie screenings, talks, and other presentations to promote sustainability, help run Bard’s waste facilities, and generally work to make Bard a more sustainable campus.

The Office has a few general guidelines and programs it expects its reps to follow, such as helping Bard reach its goal of carbon-neutrality by 2035 and taking part in the annual RecycleMania competition to help reduce campus waste, but for the most part the office supports what the EcoReps themselves are interested in doing. The bike rides to Red Hook, for example, were thought up and then led by an EcoRep. The BOS tables you may have noticed in the Campus Center are mostly planned and operated by Ecoreps, and have themes such as how to buy sustainable clothing and candy and how to make non-toxic cleaning products.

You don’t have to be a paid EcoRep to engage in sustainability on campus or to use the sustainability office’s resources. Have an idea about how to reduce waste at Bard? Feeling passionate about an environmental issue in Congress and want to organize a phone banking session? Have questions about disposing of tricky items like computers and batteries? Need access to recycled goods for an art project? BOS’s website it full of information resources and tells you who you should contact to answer your questions or get your project going. And if you’re ever unsure about what to do, feel free to call the office directly or drop by for a visit. We’re not scary at all 😉

Asking questions about how to be sustainable at Bard is one of the best ways you can make our campus greener. That when one of your friends is asking, “can I recycle this?” or “do dorms compost?” you’ll know the answer!

Like most things at Bard, BOS’s goal is to give students the resources they need to put their ideas and passions into practice. If you’d like to become an EcoRep or just get involved in some way but aren’t sure how, feel free to e-mail or or just drop by BOS on the second floor of Building and Grounds. We’re a great toolbox, but a toolbox is no good if engaged students don’t step up and decide to change their campus for the better.

  1. Laurie Husted

    For 2018 we are revising and expanding the program – Bard-E3s will understand the interplay among issues related to the Environment, social Equity and the Economy especially as they relate to how to thrive at Bard.

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