A BOS Bike Ride

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It took some begging and borrowing, (though thankfully no Bard borrowing,) but at long last five other Bard students and myself were equipped with functioning bicycles and ready to roll out of the Kline Bus Stop. The weather had turned from patchy sunlight to looming gray clouds, but we were all determined to make the 3.6 mile ride to Taste Budd’s Cafe in Red Hook. We set off—most of us with bikes a little worse for wear after a long winter—and with only a few minor mishaps made it to our destination and back again.

The ride was sponsored by the Bard Office of Sustainability and McKenzie House of the Bard Houses, the later of which had provided us with a forty dollar Taste Budd’s gift card. The ride was one of the office’s events to celebrate Earth Week, but since it had been rained out on Friday we rescheduled it for Sunday.

Even with the gray weather, it was a relief to be outside and moving again. The blossoming trees along the road and the freshly un-frozen streams we biked over added to the sensation that winter had finally ended. We got lost briefly in the backroads of Red Hook thanks to my less than stellar spatial awareness, but the mistake led us to an alternative route with beautiful views of the mountains. Thankfully the GPS skills of one of the bikers (A cycling team member; thanks Bard Cycling Team!) got us to Taste Budd’s before anyone could get really irritated by my questionable navigation.

We enjoyed smoothies and baked goods at no charge thanks to the Taste Budd’s gift card provided by McKenzie House, and after a quick re-examination of the map set off for Bard. The hill alongside Red Hook High School put our leg muscles to work, but after making it up several other smaller inclines the rest of the ride was downhill. We managed not to get off course this time and arrived back at Bard with a better knowledge of the area and a renewed sense of the beauty of the Hudson Valley.

Interested in doing a bike ride to Red Hook or somewhere else? Want the Sustainability Office to host more events like this? Let us know! Contact: em5521@bard.edu or husted@bard.edu


Ella McGrail

Class of 2021

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