Move-Out! What To Do With Your Unwanted Stuff

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In the last few days you may have noticed a monster sitting outside your dorm. Do not be alarmed, this monster is here to help you. Their name is Barry, and if you have stuff in your dorm that you don’t want or that won’t fit into the car on move-out day, they’re happy to take it off your hands! Just leave your unwanted items inside them and be on your way. THEY ARE NOT A TRASH CAN. Please put garbage and dirty items in their appropriate waste bins.

Actually there are lots of places for you to bring unwanted stuff during the move out process. The FreeUse store is available for you as always, at the Kappa Garage from 4pm to 7pm Monday through Thursday and 12pm to 5pm Fridays and Sundays. FreeUse closes when classes end on Tuesday, May 22nd.

If you live off campus, unfortunately neither Barry nor FreeUse are available to you. But the Red Hook Community Center, the Carousel Community Outreach Shop in Tivoli, and the Goodwill in Kingston are also great places to drop unwanted goods.

The Red Hook Community Center Accepts:

-Clothes (new/gently used)

-Accessories (jewelry, hats, gloves, socks, etc.)

-Toys, games, children’s books & puzzles


-Knick-Knacks (table clothes, baskets, candles, picture frames, etc.)

The Carousel Community Outreach Shop Accepts:

-New and gently used clothing



Other items

The Kingston Goodwill Accepts:

  • Flat-panel HDTVs only (NO rear-projection HDTVs)
  • Clothing, shoes and boots
  • Jewelry
  • Hats, gloves, mittens and scarves
  • Books, records, compact disks, video tapes and DVDs
  • Games, toys and sports equipment
  • Housewares: dishes, glassware, kitchen utensils, lamps and small appliances
  • Collectibles, antiques, knickknacks and other giftware
  • Hand tools and small power tools
  • Domestics: linens, curtains, blankets, etc.
  • Electronics: Stereos, radios, VCRs, DVD players, etc.
  • Furniture: dressers, tables, sofas, bed frames, (except waterbed frames) etc.
  • Other large items

FreeUse and Barry Accept:



-Accessories (jewelry, scarves, hats, mittens, purses, etc.)






-Knick-Knacks (vases, picture frames, figurines, baskets, etc.)

-Stuff from the sustainability kit you got at the beginning of the year

-Probably whatever else you have


Whether its junk or a treasure you want to pass along, all these places will handle your stuff for you! Any questions? Feel free to contact us at or


Ella McGrail

Class of 2021

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