So you’ve had a barn sale and you have some leftover items…?

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Keep up the good work you started when you held your sale!  Here’s how:

Leftover books?  I hear you can talk to Rhinebeck’s Starr Library – 845.876.4030.  They’ll make an appointment to look over your books for their collection or sell them through their Friends sale.  Obviously(?) if things are moldy or torn they don’t want them.  And VHS tapes are good for craft projects but not for the modern world.

Got clothes?  Red Hook has a free Community Closet.  They may take other items as well.

Construction materials and kitchen goods?  The Ulster County ReStore is a great spot for gently used items.  You just might find something you need when you drop your items.  Be sure to check out their rules before loading up your car.

The Town of Red Hook has a “take it or leave it” – what a nice spot for community members to find a treasure. And have you heard about the Town of Red Hook Recycle Yard – they can recycle those torn books that no longer have value as reading materials!  Residents can get a $15 permit to use the facility; it’s worth it if you have other errands that bring you to the Village – recycling is free and you pay for trash by the bag.  Do the math – maybe you can cancel your  monthly service!

One more tip.  Bard is hosting a Helpsy clothing and textile bin next to Kappa House on Library Road. We are happy to take your unwanted items and send them to the B-Corporation that thinks about the triple bottom line when finding a new home for your soft stuff.  So yes, to soft stuffed animals but no to plastic dolls – get the rules?

It’s a good feeling to empty your basement of things you don’t use and put them in the hands of someone who wants them.  We are responsible consumers!

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