What are BardE3s? Enthusiastic advocates of the three sustainability E’s—Environment, Equity, and Economy—here at Bard.

Environment: The places where people and other organisms live, work, travel, and play. To create a sustainable world we must make sure that the spaces where we exist—from the national parks to the city streets—are maintained in a way that promotes wellbeing and are preserved for future generations.

EquityAs resources and land grow more scarce as a result of over-consumption and climate change, existing inequalities will become even more defined. Racial, economic, gender, and other forms of inequality are impacted by environmental problems. An important part of sustainability is ensuring that everyone is given equal access to resources that will allow them to protect their wellbeing.

Economy: The economy is the system through which people meet their material needs, which contributes to their physical and emotional wellbeing. Thus a sustainable future must include an economy that promotes the sustainable use of resources and the equitable treatment of all people.


These are big terms that cover a wide range of important issues, but as a BardE3 you can promote the three E’s right here on campus. BardE3s can help by volunteering to build blue bird habitats, making art out of reclaimed material, attending our phone banking sessions to ask lawmakers to support sustainable legislation, and otherwise taking part in Bard’s sustainability programs whenever you’re able.

Our Mission in 2019: 

Students, staff and departments team up to talk about and prepare Zero Waste, environmentally-conscious and equitable events and classes. Using the materials given by the sustainability office and a community of peers, the BardE3s work to spread responsible behavior throughout the campus – addressing all 3 Es. 

There are 3 types of paid BardE3s jobs, covering academic departments, campus programming, and students. All BardE3s are responsible for bin management across campus, and will wear a pin or carry a sticker that identifies them as “BardE3 Educated”.

“BardE3s Team Members” work 2-4 hours each week “on the clock” and help fulfill various responsibilities.

But “we should all be BardE3s” – so anyone can feel empowered to help “off the clock” It takes a community to keep our campus systems sustainable!