John Faso’s Environmental Record

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  The recent UN report makes clear that we need to act quickly if we want to prevent some of the worst impacts of climate change. There is action being taken all over the world by organizations like Citizens’ Climate Lobby … Continued

A BOS Bike Ride

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It took some begging and borrowing, (though thankfully no Bard borrowing,) but at long last five other Bard students and myself were equipped with functioning bicycles and ready to roll out of the Kline Bus Stop. The weather had turned … Continued

How YOU Can Be a Bard EcoRep

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You may have heard the word, seen it written around campus, or signed up to be it, but even if you fall into the last category, you may still not know what a Bard EcoRep is. Simply speaking, it’s exactly what it … Continued

Free Rides, Free Chocolate, and You

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  On February 13th (Valentine’s-Day-Eve) Bard’s Office of Sustainability will be giving out sweet & sustainable treats. From 1:30 to 8:00pm in the Campus Center, (or while supplies last) our Eco Reps will be giving anyone who signs up for … Continued