Our students, faculty, and staff are engaged in co-curricular and curricular activities on campus, in the Town of Red Hook, Dutchess County, greater New York State, and beyond.

We work to build awareness of the social, environmental, and economic ramifications of the actions they take.

Our People

The students, staff, and faculty of Bard College work together to engage in initiatives—both on and off campus—that reflect the College's sustainability mission. Programs in Annandale reach into the nearby towns and villages of Red Hook, Rhinebeck, and Tivoli, and into the greater Hudson Valley. Our view of sustainability looks not only toward green initiatives, but also to a larger view of the health and wellness of our community.


Bard staff and off-campus students can access resources that allow them to engage in sustainable behaviors, both on and off campus.


The Bard community connects to sustainability issues in clubs, events, committees, and organizations on campus and off.

Human Resources

Staff wellness programs are an important component to a healthy workforce. Our Athletics Department offers exercise classes open to faculty and staff.


Bard's Office of Multicultural Affairs hosts the Difference and Media Project, an interdisciplinary, extra-departmental space for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.


Students make a difference at Bard in many ways through how they live, work, study and play.  We celebrate the plethora of student clubs who integrate sustainability principles:  highlighting the Bike Coop: 2019 Hours Tuesdays and Wednesdays 7pm-9pm. Get in touch with them through bardbicycle@gmail.com or on Instagram @bardbikecoop