The College works to purchase responsibly and seeks products with third-party certifications when possible.

The Reem-Kayden Center at Bard features geothermal heating and cooling, and an advanced energy recovery system.



Buying Green

Subcontractors are asked to follow responsible purchasing protocols. It is important to evaluate the life cycle impact of a product, from manufacturing through disposal. Some of our responsible choices include using cleaning products that are Green Seal or EcoLogo-certified, buying products that meet Energy Star™ specifications for energy efficiency, and choosing paper products with recycled content. Our subcontractor, Chartwells, buys seafood that meets Monterey Marine Stewardship standards; eggs are cage free.

Students are asked to bring products from home that meet applicable sustainability standards.


Paper and Office Supplies

The College sources paper products that are Green Seal Certified and with post-consumer recycled content. Employees are able to choose green products from our office supply company.  In 2012, 69% of our paper purchased had 30%-100% recycled content.  Click here to see our 2011 submission to STARS.



Bard follows the EPEAT standards in purchasing computers, printers, and other plug-in equipment.  See the Guidelines & Policies for IT's policy statement.

Cleaning Products

In 2011, over 40 percent (as a function of dollars spent) of cleaning products purchased by Aramark were Green Seal Certified.

Food and Water

Bard’s food is provided by Chartwells. They support the local dairy industry, with 100% of Bard milk sourced through Hudson Valley Fresh.  You can learn more about Chartwells and find other details about food at the Bard EATS site.