Bard College strives to integrate sustainability into its academic programs and research endeavors. This incorporates everything from safe disposal practices in the lab to an emphasis on academic programming that educates the next generation.


Environmental & Urban Studies (EUS) Program

  • The Environmental and Urban Studies (EUS) program is designed to allow students to engage intellectually with people across disciplines, as well as to acquire practical skill sets and hands-on experience addressing urban and environmental challenges. Students take several rigorous interdisciplinary and disciplinary core courses, complete an internship and a practicum, and attend the EUS colloquium. To learn more click here.

Bard Center for Environmental Policy

  • The Center's innovative graduate programs are truly unique and interdisciplinary. Students come from various backgrounds to pursue a master of science degree in either environmental policy or climate science and policy. The emphasis on science-based policy enables students to progress from knowledge of the issues to the formulation of feasible, effective solutions. More here.
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Bard MBA in Sustainability 

  • The Bard MBA in Sustainability prepares students for leadership positions in a variety of business environments–from innovative start-ups to major corporations–with in-depth knowledge of core business skills through the lens of sustainability. The curriculum provides a grounding in management essentials, with a continual focus on the integrated bottom line: economic success, environmental integrity, and social equity. To learn more click here.
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Green Fund

  • BOS and the Sustainability Council provide mini-grants to faculty and staff who engage in sustainability research projects

Bard Senior Projects in Sustainability

  • Senior projects that have sustainability components can be viewed here.

STARS Reporting for Academics

  • We evaluate the sustainability content of Bard classes and research endeavors.

Sustainability Course Listing

Research & Education Report June 2017

Sustainability Literacy

  • First-year students at Citizen Science can take a sustainability literacy assessment.
  • In 2017, students in the graduate program and an undergraduate Environmental Education course took the SuliTest.