Bard College faculty integrate sustainability into academic programming and research endeavors while helping students increase their understanding of this complex issue.

Happening Now - Bard Faculty Respond to the Global Climate Strike September 20-27.

Bard students are asking that climate and sustainability be integrated into the classroom.  Faculty members are sharing how they will answer that demand.


Environmental & Urban Studies (EUS) Program

  • The Environmental and Urban Studies (EUS) program is designed to allow students to engage intellectually with people across disciplines, as well as to acquire practical skill sets and hands-on experience addressing urban and environmental challenges. Students take several rigorous interdisciplinary and disciplinary core courses, complete an internship and a practicum, and attend the EUS colloquium. To learn more click here.

Bard Center for Environmental Policy

  • The Center's innovative graduate programs are truly unique and interdisciplinary. Students come from various backgrounds to pursue a master of science degree in either environmental policy or climate science and policy. The emphasis on science-based policy enables students to progress from knowledge of the issues to the formulation of feasible, effective solutions. More here.
  • Click here to visit the Bard CEP blog

Bard MBA in Sustainability 

  • The Bard MBA in Sustainability prepares students for leadership positions in a variety of business environments–from innovative start-ups to major corporations–with in-depth knowledge of core business skills through the lens of sustainability. The curriculum provides a grounding in management essentials, with a continual focus on the integrated bottom line: economic success, environmental integrity, and social equity. To learn more click here.
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Green Fund

  • BOS and the Sustainability Council provide mini-grants to faculty and staff who engage in sustainability research projects

Bard Senior Projects in Sustainability

  • Senior projects that have sustainability components can be viewed here.

STARS Reporting for Academics

  • We evaluate the sustainability content of Bard classes and research endeavors.

Sustainability Course Listing

Research & Education Report June 2017

Sustainability Literacy

  • First-year students at Citizen Science can take a sustainability literacy assessment.
  • In 2017, students in the graduate program and an undergraduate Environmental Education course took the SuliTest.